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Some Useful Information on Grants Available


You may apply if you are the homeowner of a dwelling built before 2006. Homes built after 2006 come under the 2003 building regulations and therefore significant heating system or insulation upgrades should not be required. If you are a landlord with one or more properties then a seperate application must be made for each property, and a seperate application form must be provided for each property. However please note that management companies who wish to have an entire building considered for an upgrade should contact SEI before applying online. You may apply for a grant online using the online application form on the SEI website ( It is important that grant approval is received before any installation work is carried out or before proceeding with the purchase of any product. It is very useful to read the 'Home Energy Saving Scheme Application Guide' before filling out the scheme application form as this can be a great help in filling in the form. If you do not wish to apply online, then a hard copy of the form can be downloaded form the SEI website. It can then be filled in and posted to SEI at the address given on the website.


It is a requirement of the scheme that all work be carried out by a supplier / contractor on the SEI's registered list. This list will be published on SEI's website. Green Man Energy employs assessors who are qualified engineers, and are SEI registered.


Green Man Energy provides "Before" and "After" energy ratings and can recommend technologies that suit the particular requirements of each client. Carrying out any energy upgrading work without a BER can lead to money being wasted on unsuitable alterations. Green Man Energy recommends technologies to suit each actual circumstance, and when acted upon, these recommendations will save you money forever.


For more information on grants see the Sustainable Energy Ireland website,


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