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Services We Provide


BER Assessments

Green Man Energy is an independent Energy Performance Certification and an SEI registered BER Assessment group. BER Assessments allow the seller to make energy performance of a property visible to prospective buyers. These assessments enable buyers to take energy performance into consideration when buying a property. Every BER certificate issued by Green Man Energy will be accompanied by cost effective improvement advice. All our assessments are carried out professionally by our SEI registered BER assessors. Our BER certificates are valid for 10 years.


Air Pressure Testing

Air leakage has always been an assumed building design parameter and testing is now compulsory for all dwellings built under the 2008 building regulations. Air tightness testing makes this leakage distinctly measurable and provides an acceptable criteria and a repeatable quality test. As part of our survey we can also carry out a smoke test which will identify areas of air leakage. Green Man Energy carries out air pressure testing in accordance with IS EN 13829 and ATTMA TS1.


Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging cameras detect radiation and produce images of that radiation that we can then study. Since infrared radiation is emitted by all objects based on their temperatures, thermal imaging makes it possible to see where heat is being generated or lost. The applications for thermal imaging are numerous but we mainly use it for investigation of abnormal heat loss from buildings.


An Energy Survey

An energy survey of your property by Green Man Energy can be a cost effective way to reduce your energy bills. The survey will highlight areas where improvements can be made to the energy performance of your building, whether new or existing. We offer independent advice on renewable energy systems and how appropriate they will be for your home. The survey uses the improved DEAP3 software and methadology as used for BER assessments.


Services to Professionals

We offer all of the above services in addition to offering a full back up service especially in our core business of BER assessments to all professionals working in the property industry. We offer service agreements to builders, property developers, architects, engineers, estate agents, letting agencies, property management companies, and solicitors. We carry full indemnity insurance for all our work and operate to a high professional standard.


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